Top 3 Best Cologne for Summer 2014

gioSummer is known as the most careless and irresistible season and we all want to feel the summer and live it in the best way we can.

If you want to feel fresh and energetic during the entire summer of 2014 why don’t you try one of the best cologne for this year’s hot season.

They all are great, energetic, beautiful and they will make you feel confident, like you are the king of the world.

Our choice of the 3 best cologne for summer 2014 is right here:

Acqua di Gio is a masterpiece in perfumes and cologne, that will have and impact on you. It is launched in 1996 by Giorgio Armani.

In our humble opinion, this is the best men’s cologne ever. The fact that every second man is wearing it, that is extremely common, doesn’t matter because it is irresistible.

It is simple fragrance that you either love or hate. With ingredients like Calabrian bergamot, neroli or green tangerine you can’t go wrong.

You can wear it during sunny summer days or hot summer nights, you will feel great and you will be noticed.

Eros2. EROS
Eros is a cologne by Versace, with one main inspiration, Greek god of love. It is daring, sexy and irresistible cologne made for confident man.

This little Versace Eros review will give you all you need to know about Eros. This great cologne has armboxan amber, tonka bean and cedar wood, but just a dash.

At first Eros is cologne like and other, but after a while you will start to discover layers of fragrances, one better than the other.

This cologne is surprising and it is sexy and daring, it will lead you forward in your life, like you are on the top of the world.

creed-virgin-island-water-1Creed Virgin Island Water is a unisex fragrance made by Creed. It is filled with fruity and fresh fragrances of tropical area.

If you like the smell of mandarin, lime, coconut or ginger, this is the cologne for you.

The moment you open the bottle, you will smell mandarin and lime and they will give you an energy boost, you will feel like you are walking down the beautiful tropical beach, a perfect summer day.

Even though it is unisex fragrance, it is more suitable for men. So, if you can’t wait to go to the beach, grab this great perfume and it will take you there.

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