The Bohemian Chic

bamboo harem pantsBohemian style is categorized as being carefree and earthy. The overall style is adopted from a variety of different cultures and conforms to styles of the ’60’s and ’70’s.

The goal is to have a vintage, hippy yet sexy look. Take a look at a few of the styles and imagine how you can incorporate the style into a modern look.

The boho skirt is the free flowing skirt usually made of calico and falls well below the knees. The skirt resembles a prairie skirt yet with the hippy appeal. Most of the time the skirt’s length touches the top of your foot yet do not touch the ground.
You can find designs such as tie-dye or a floral print which will give it that “bohemian” feel.

Harem pants are another item that fits the boho look and come in lots of different styles. Thai harem pants like the kind they have at are the style I’ve preferred recently. When you couple harem pants with the right shirt and shoes it will have you looking sexy and stylish yet giving you the carefree feeling previously talked about. The bamboo harem pants has an elastic cuff at the bottom which helps give the pants the free flowing draping look. They can come in a number of styles such as Peacock, Paisley, Zen and Elephant. 

Gladiator sandals are the popular footwear for this trend. It is usually a summer shoe with a T strap that in certain styles can wrap all the way up the leg. The modern version of this shoe comes in a wedge form however it originated as a flat sandal meant for walking and fighting. You can find this shoe accented with lace or beads or even an embroidery stamping. 

Bamboo Harem Pants

Next in line is the maxi dress. This is a floor length or ankle dress and the key to the perfect dress is one that flatters the figure. No longer are these dresses made of the uncomfortable, itchy polyester. The modern version is made of comfortable cotton which adds a cool feeling against the skin. Add in an assortment of colors and designs and you can model this dress during all seasons.

To top off your “bohemian” outfit go with the proper tunic. Tunics should be slightly loose and fall either to the hip or mid hip. To give the soft look, go with fabrics that are linen or cotton. Tunics come in all styles, ranging from sleeveless to sporting kimono sleeves. Add lace or embroidery and you will definitely be sporting the proper look.

Remember to pull off the overall look, keep it loose, comfortable and with an international flavor. Keep everything simple yet appealing. Bohemian style covers comfort, vintage and having an ethnic look. Most of all have fun pairing everything together because with this trend it is hard to go wrong.

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