Enjoy the True Excitement with Stockings and Suspenders from Casmir Lingerie

Stockings and suspenders tend to make you think of naughty school girls teasing grown men with their innocence and overt sexuality or dancers in La Moulin Rouge parading their beautiful bodies in a tantalizing way.

purpleThe combination of silk stockings being held up by little belts and lacy lingerie is a very powerful and iconic image in the world of fashion.

Practical Origins

As with most underwear stockings and suspenders were actually practical additions to a lady’s wardrobe with their role simply to hold their stockings up.

The naughtiness aspect probably originated from times when the lingerie was accidentally spotted by a lucky bystander – giving him a thrill.

These days’ people rarely wear stockings and suspenders simply because tights are more commonly worn to the extent that lingerie retailers claim that the demand for stockings and suspenders is minimal.

Luxury and Novelty Items

whiteWhile stockings and suspenders have been replaced by tights in everyday life they have grown in popularity in the erotic and romantic aspects of life.

The large collection of stockings and suspenders available in the Casmir Lingerie collection demonstrate that the delicate and sometimes cheeky items of underwear are still very popular with couples and hen parties alike.

As with most risque items you usually have the choice between good quality or cheap and tacky pieces. Obviously choosing a higher quality product will mean that you can look naughty and special at the same time without looking cheap and cheerful.

Health Benefits

Although there has been a decline in general usage some people still use suspenders for medical reasons these include; people who have difficulty removing tights due to a back injury or sore joints or if you are prone to thrush and cystitis the stockings and suspenders allow the area to breath therefore lessening the effects of the condition.

Some people just don’t like to wear tights and quite frankly when they do slip down leaving a space for friction and sweat to occur – they are extremely uncomfortable.

Other Suspender Facts

Ice hockey players use suspenders to hold their woollen socks up so that they don’t roll down to their ankles when they are skating.

In America the elastic strips that are known as braces in the United Kingdom are known as suspenders.

During the Second World War the women were issued with cheap suspenders, although I am not entirely sure how they worked with tea stained legs with a line drawn up the back with eye liner pencil.

Fun with Stockings

If you decide to wear stockings and suspenders make sure that you choose a good quality and beautiful set so that you can enjoy wearing them and have plenty of fun with your friends or the man of your dreams.

The Casmir lingerie featured in this article are available from www.houseoflingerie.com where you will find a large selection of beautiful lingerie.

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