What Type of Guy Wears a Jack and Jones Flowery T-Shirt?

Believe it or not t-shirts were originally designed to be worn as undergarments to keep the wearer warm under uniforms and work gear. They only started to be recognised as fashion items when people cast off their outer clothing and wore their t-shirts instead. Marlon Brando raised the profile of the simple t-shirt design by pouring his toned body into a t-shirt in his film, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

A Simple and Comfortable Design
Originally plain and made out of easy to manage material the traditional, ’T’, shaped garment has become a sounding block for rebels, rock stars, charities and even custom made t-shirts are used in stag parties to identify all of the members of the group. It could be said that your t-shirt says an awful lot about the type of person you are.

Designer T-Shirts
As with everything neutral designers take joy in turning something ordinary into the extraordinary by tweaking the original design here and there. Structurally the general fit can be cut in such a way that it fits the body perfectly also by changing the collar to be either a round neck, crew or v-neck can also give the wearer a different image.

Hawaiian shirtPatterns to turn Heads
If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a big enough personality a patterned t-shirt would certainly draw attention to you.

Jack and Jones have produced a variety of heavily patterned t-shirts and the one we are going to look at is reminiscent of Hawaiian shirts that you may wear on a, ‘Hawaiian Shirt’, day in the office – if your company is that way inclined.

If you would like everyday to be a holiday in your eyes then this brightly coloured t-shirt would fit the bill. All you have to be thankful for is that the flowers do not look like you Auntie Norah’s curtains straight out of the seventies.

Everyone can enjoy Jack and Jones Clothing
If you are normally shy and retiring and wore this t-shirt you would gain respect from your friends and will certainly be noticed by the ladies in the establishment. Choose the right time and place to wear this colourful creation and you will definitely stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

All clothing mentioned in this article is available from www.stand-out.net where there is a variety of designer t-shirts available for you to choose and if you are not into flowers there are other designs to look at.

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