Incredible Prom Wear Collection

Today is simply about brand new prom dresses collection, with some stunning new pieces I just had to share with you! I’m such a lover of their range, so many different styles available, and each in every colour you could imagine! And their custom size option is just a dream for most of us women who are not simply one size! Which, let’s be honest ladies, we are not! We’ve got lumps and bumps and that’s what makes us beautiful!

Here are so gorgeous pieces I just had to show you all!

purple prom dress 2015

Lovely traditional prom dress shape here, and featuring my favorite autumn/winter colour of pomegranate (kind of irrelevant to the post content, but I just love pomegranate). The sash detail is stunning, and you’ll surely be turning heads in this beautiful dress.

orange high low prom dress 2015

Why does this remind me of something a Bond girl would wear?? I absolutely love that about this dress, definitely with an up do to show off the stunning detail at the top. And WOW what a flash of leg this one has, for all these who dare to be different on the big day!

strapless white prom dress 2015

A bit more bridal, but definitely not too much so for your prom! A fair few girls wore white on my prom day, and they all looked absolutely radiant and beautiful. So, despite what some may say, White is definitely not a no go for the prom season!

sequin blue prom dress 2015

I’m such a sucker for this shade of blue, beautiful on a tanned beauty! And that bodice it features is absolutely stunning, almost a mermaid kind of look going on here, which is absolutely fine by me! The bold colour will definitely make you a stand out attendee on the day!

Rihanna red prom dress 2015

This colour is incredible! Such a wearable colour, it looks beautiful on the model with her stunning dark hair. The little flash of leg also makes this a slightly more edgy piece. So for those of you who like to keep to traditional styles, but also like that touch of danger. So to speak.

short green prom dress 2015

Now for my beautiful blondes! The detail on this dress makes it as far as I’m concerned, and what a beautiful green, perfect for you beauties with big eyes! And the lace top makes it comfortable, yet completely suitable for any black tie/dress up occasion.

beautiful pink prom dress 2015

This beautiful pink dress would be perfect on you beautiful girls with auburn hair, and what a classic style! So flattering, and this dress would be totally wearable on many occasions, so don’t just think you’ll be buying this to wear once, get it out of the closet again for any special occasion, and look stunning whilst doing so!

beaded pink prom bal gown 2015

Now, what an eye catcher we have here! Stunning on the blondes and the medium brunettes in my opinion, the bodice is what makes this piece for me, and with and their custom sizing option, when this fits you perfectly, you will surely be stunning heads!

These dresses would be suitable for your black tie event, ball, gala, as well as your prom, and if you’re looking for affordable pieces that aren’t just for one day look no further! Visit msdress and find your perfect dress today! So remember girlies, if you’re in need of finding that perfect dress for your prom (or any fancy event you need to look gorgeous for) don’t forget to head over and bask in the glory that is

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