Handbag savior from Insjö

You know the sinking feeling when you find out you left your wallet, keys and lipstick in your OTHER handbag! And how many times your cell phone kept ringing but you just could not find it no matter how hard you dig into your handbag?


Insjö bagINbag (others might call it Bag Organizer) will solve many handbag-problems at a time. You can handily transfer all your daily essentials in one go, find your phone instantly when it rings, and grab your keys easily with Insjö clip key ring attached to its key pocket.



In their Facebook page, Insjö said they want to help women to be Beautifully Organised, I think they really Do with these high quality goodies. Feedbacks from other customers given on their Facebook are quite happy with the bags. Some ladies shared their travel pictures and said they are very useful for trips too.


The fabric feels very durable with a silky surface, slightly water proof, and easy to clean. Most of the color combination is very bold, upbeat, and very delightful for me. They recently also added some subtle colors, but I think the color-contrast style remains and I love this design signature. Also, I think the design team in Insjö is so considerable that they always select lighter color for inside lining, so that I will Not just see a black hole when I try to find lip gloss inside.


Give this creative Finnish label a try, the official website: www.insjo.com, I think you might fall in love with Insjö too ;D

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