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Socks, gloves, scarves, hats, shoes, pants, shirts, coats, ties, rings, cars, frames, balls, bats, cleats, food, dogs, cats, pins, pens, clips, bows, phones, paint. What do all of those things have in common? The answer is everything. Each and every one of those items have infinite varieties of colors, shapes, sizes, and most importantly, prices. If you happened to be searching for one of those fabulous things listed above, it is a guarantee that the number one thing you would be looking for is price. “Is this worth the price I’m paying? Am I willing to pay this price? How much use will I get out of paying this price?”

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re all pretty cheap. We all want to pay the cheapest price to get the most out of our bottom dollar. But the million dollar question is, is it worth being cheap? You can get discount codes from sites like retailmenot and rebateszone.


Frugality is the word. Fru·gal·i·ty. Noun. The quality of being frugal, or prudent in saving; the lack of wastefulness; practicing economy; living without waste; thrifty. Also known as: carefulness, prudence, thriftiness, stinginess.

In my expert seventeen year old opinion, I think being frugal is worth it. Just as there are many benefits to being honest, doing the right thing, and following the ‘golden rule,’ there are also many benefits to being frugal. Hundreds of dollars can be saved if you have a good amount of frugality in your system. With frugality comes intelligence, and as many may agree, we could all use a little extra knowledge every now and then. From socks to paint there are thousands of things you can be stingy about. You just have to know which things in order to get the most bang out of your buck.


Since I’m still young and I don’t have to worry about spending large amounts of money at a time, I get my knowledge from observing others and it’s been a pretty useful tool so far. There are unlimited benefits to being frugal. You can save and learn so much by just observing the things and people around you; not only will frugality save you some extra cash while shopping, it will also make you an all-around more attentive person. For example, if you were in a time cringe while grocery shopping or if you were with a materialistic friend while looking for clothes, you will most likely not find the best deals or sales on all of your desired purchases.

An experienced frugal shopper will know to be alone and have plenty of time while looking for things they wish to spend the least on. By their observations, they will also know the true value of items before they buy them. It’s not always about the price; many brands like to try and trick customers into thinking they have the best deals but that usually isn’t true. Stingy shoppers may not enjoy their shopping trip as much, but it’s really worth it to know that you saved a good amount of hard-earned cash. Along with that, a frugal shopper will help save the environment. By knowing exactly what they want when they go out, they won’t be as wasteful as the average customer.

From the looks of it and what I’ve observed, frugality seems to be a good tool for experienced shoppers and bargain hunters. Socks, gloves, scarves, hats, shoes, pants, shirts, coats, ties, rings, cars, frames, balls, bats, cleats, food, dogs, cats, pins, pens, clips, bows, phones, paint. As I grow older and have to actually pay for all of these items by myself, I will be as frugal as I possibly can.

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