Fashionable Online Boutiques for Women

It’s commonplace in the news these days to hear how high street retailers are suffering in these tough economic climes but online retailers couldn’t be doing better. With more and more people enjoying the convenience of shopping online there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of online boutiques.

The multitude of women’s online boutiques means there is a range of specialists dabbling in hand-crafted unique and kitsch jewellery and accessories to quirky and cut price designer clothing. As an avid ‘window shopper’ online boutiques have been a god send. I can look longingly at items I can’t yet afford without the prying eyes and judgement of sales assistants. Traffic People make for a rather soothing browse. Some of the elegant pieces are fashion time capsules, capturing so brilliantly, and softly, the decade which they are trying to emanate.


The luxury of being able to shop from the comfort of your own sofa is the big draw for exclusively online retailers and for boutiques their niche wares afford them a devout fashion following. With many dabbling in kitsch, hand-crafted and statement jewellery the market is wide open to the few that are brave enough to indulge in limited and beautifully unique women’s clothing. Although the prices are a little higher than most of their high-street rivals you can’t argue that every penny spent isn’t worth it as the pieces are exclusive, quirky and beautifully crafted to stand out and make a statement all of their own.

Among them you have Traffic People who, as far as online dress shopping for women has to be one of the finest, it’s a boutique that will make you reconsider shopping on the high-street. Offering a wide range of beautiful vintage inspired dresses – which are also featured on ASOS – coats, playsuits and accessories, they tailor to everyone’s fashion persuasions and style needs, in fact, their boutique has such a comprehensive range of clothing that you would be hard pressed to find better in any high-street store or online rival.

The designer aesthetic and unique quality of their clothing, combined with how they combine vintage style and modern trends really sets them above the rest. In all honesty I am yet to come across a boutique that can achieve so much with so little. The impact of the brand and product is incredible and the added allure of mid-range pricing means that whatever you buy, whether it’s a dress, a playsuit, a coat or a handbag, you are sure to turn heads and raise questions from jealousy stricken friends.

With a handful of physical boutiques dotted across Europe and mainland UK the exclusivity of the brand is heightened. Better yet with features in top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle along with weeklies like Look, More and Grazia Traffic People have established a celebrity fan base and drawn in the attention of a wider, fashion savvy audience.


It’s always a great boost for an online boutique when they make the glossy pages of a notable fashion publication and 2013 was certainly the year for it with the likes of Galibardy, MissGuided and Boohoo grabbing style slots and ‘seen on’ celebrity snaps. Now that Traffic People have joined those ranks – and with the accolade of having been recognised by Vogue – their place amongst the fashion elite has been secured!

Having been on the scene, as it were, for a number of years Traffic People have established themselves, their aesthetic and following. As their recognition continues to grow over the next few years you can be certain that you will see more of them and their delightful products both in magazines and on our favourite style icons.

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