Extra Beauty With Clinique Makeup

Many women today think that being fashionable means you have to spend a lot of money. You have to have the newest purse, those designer sunglasses, and a plethora of accessories that cost more than your rent when it’s all said and done. That’s just not so. I’m here to tell you that all you need to be fashionable today is a good dress and the perfect makeup. Really! That’s all it takes.

Felicity Jones

Dresses are aplenty, and anything from long and flow-y to short and fun will work, depending on event, place, time, and weather. Makeup, however, can be a little more complicated. You want it to be good quality so it treats your skin well, but you probably don’t want to spend too much on it, or it’ll just break your bank. Two of the hottest brands of Makeup right now are Clinique and Covergirl, and they are so well known because they are good quality and have proven over and over again that they are beautiful.

Covergirl has long since been a popular brand. With several celebrities backing them, they constantly have beautiful faces and strong women supporting their products. Their newest foundation focuses on an all-over, super smooth finish – just another in a long line of foundations focused on clearing skin and helping women look flawless. From mascara to lipstick, Covergirl offers it all, and they never disappoint their customers.


Clinique, too, has a long history of satisfied customers. Though their prices are a bit higher than Covergirl, their products are absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. Their newest foundation, “Even Better Makeup,” is just as the name suggests: even better than their other varieties. I’ve personally used their Acne Solutions makeup and skin care system for years, and nothing has worked nearly as well. Their mascara, too, is wonderful, and no matter which type I’ve had, it always makes my eyes look bigger, brighter, and stays on all day without fail.

Both Covergirl and Clinique are fantastic brands, but Clinique comes out on top if for one reason only: Clinique Bonus Time. Whether you shop in store or online at www.clinique.com, so long as you buy the minimum amount of product required, you automatically qualify for a free gift! These deals on Clinique makeup are incredible, and often times, the free gift is a bonus bag worth at least $40. Clinique Bonus Time is happening at some store all the time, and Clinique Bonus is the best site to go to when you want to find those bonuses. They list all the current Bonus Times, their locations, and what the bonus gift will be.

So, ladies, get your dresses, get your makeup, and go show the world just how flawlessly fashionable you are!

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