9 Incredible DIYs for The Perfect Swimsuit

A really cool bikinis tend to be very expensive. Brands such as Victoria’s Secret or Triangl carry really pretty models, but they are not for everybody’s pocket. But don’t worry! Here you’ll find 9 easy and affordable ways to create or simply add something special to your old boring swimsuit. You’ll be looking like just got out of an expensive boutique. Enjoy!


3 ways to personalize your simple summer swimsuit

You will need: studs, fabric glue, fabric, thread and needle, embellishments, fabric paint, gloves
– DIY studded embellishment
– DIY fringed top
– Tie dye a plain white bikinis into beautiful pastel swimsuit

Triangl Swimsuit DIY

You will need: elastic and fabric glue (the waterproof one)

Fishnet Swim Top DIY

You will need: piece of fabric to braid and glue

Ruched Back Bikini Bottoms DIY

You will need: thread and needle, and an old or bigger pair of bikini bottoms

Friendship Bracelet Swimsuit Bottoms DIY

You will need: scissors, needle and thread, friendship bracelets

Sexy One Piece White Mesh Swimsuit DIY

You will need: mesh fabric, swim wear fabric, old one piece swimsuit, scissors, elastic, pensil, hip curve ruler, pattern paper

DIY Classic High Waisted Retro Swimsuit

You will need: one peice swimsuit, measuring tape, ruler, chalk, scissors, elastic

Strapless Colorblock Neon Bikini Top DIY

You will need: 3 different colored fabrics, sewing machine

DIY Bikini Embellishments – Easy way to spice up your swimsuit

You will need: swimsuits, charms, jumprings, wire, studs, fabric trim, thread & a needle

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