80’s Vintage Prom Dresses

Many girls today are looking back to the prom dresses of yesteryear when making their selections. Some even are looking to the dresses their mothers wore back in the 1980’s. These vintage prom dresses come in wide array of styles and colours. The designs are quite appealing for girls wanting a retro look for their high school prom. Additionally, choosing a vintage dress will help ensure that you will look unique. No worries about another girl wearing the same dress as you. Visit the online department store Very.co.uk for inspiration. Very clothes are both high-street and designer items.

Vintage prom dresses can be found in a variety of locations. Some dresses can be found at thrift stores as well as vintage clothing stores. Some dresses can even be found in the closets of relatives! The internet is also another great source to use when locating an 80’s prom dress. When using the internet to locate a vintage prom dress, make sure you have your measurements taken and written down. This will help you determining if a particular size will fit you. If a vintage prom dress was handmade, the actual measurements are a better indicator for fit than the size as the dress was tailor made to fit the wearer.

Prom dresses of the 1980’s featured a wide range of styles. The hem lengths could vary from traditional floor length prom gowns to shorter tea length hems. The fabrics used to make these dresses also varied. Some featured traditional fabrics as silk and satin. Taffeta was another popular fabric used in making prom dresses. However, some prom dresses could also be found made out of velvet. Prom gowns from the 1980 have also featured different kinds of embellishments. They may have special stitching used on the gown. They make also be trimmed with lace. Pearls and rhinestones might be common embellishments on the garment.

Other components of 80’s fashion saw themselves being incorporated into prom dress designs. For example, the large shoulder pad was a classic design feature of the 1980’s. These also become part of prom dress designs. Also, many 80’s fashions saw these big shoulders embellished. This look also transferred into the prom dresses.

10 Selecting a Figure Flattering Prom Dress

When women purchase clothing they often seek styles that are flattering to their figures. After all, who wants to buy something that simply does nothing to highlight a woman’s assets while making her flaws. This same idea is true for the selection of prom dresses. Certain body types look best in certain styles than others.
For young ladies with a curvy or full figured body type, prom dresses with empire waists, short hems and drop waists are ideal. If the prom dress has a drop waist skirt, meaning it begins below your hip, paired with a tight fitting corset, this will look great. Prom dresses with empire waists help to elongate the body which tends to flatter fuller figures.

Hourglass figures look best in prom dresses that feature a strapless corset or a cinched waist. Also known as pear shapes, these bodies are flattered also with prom dresses that have a flowing a-line skirt. Empire waist dresses are also another excellent choice for pear shapes. You might also find a dress that accentuates the waist with a sash, bow or stitching.

For tall girls, they have a chance to showcase their height. Great dresses for these girls would include sheath dresses, empire waists and a line skirts. Choose some great shoes to polish off your prom look. Petite girls also look good in sheath dresses and empire waists. However, they can also pull off dresses with short hems. Petite girls should tend to avoid prom dresses with a lot of pouf in the skirt or draping fabric. This can overwhelm a small petite frame. Prom dresses with hems that hit mid calf all the way up to mid knee are very flatting for these smaller figures. If petite ladies want a full floor length dress, then they should go for a body hugging sheath. This will be flattering since it lacks a lot of voluminous fabric.

Girls with slender bodies seem to have it a bit easier. They can wear just about any type of prom style and it will be flattering. Certain prom dress styles can make them curvier such as ball gowns and empire waists. If these girls want to appear taller, a simple column dress will accomplish this.

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