$20,000 Prize for a Knockoff as Best Dressed? OMG!

Normally, $60 knockoff of a high fashion dress would only cause embarrassment to the person wearing it, especially in front of a fashion-savvy crowd.


Surprisingly, Stephanie Martin from Brisbane, QLD, Australia, not only was brave enough to wear a copycat dress in a high-stakes fashion competition, but she also managed to walk away with more than $20,000 worth of prizes, including an expensive diamond, thousands in shopping vouchers and $10,000 trip for two.


Stephanie Martin competed in a fashion contest held yearly by the retail fashion chain Myer, which also saw her crowned as the best dressed woman in the state of Queensland and set to compete in the National Finals of the Fashions on the Field competition during Melbourne Cup in November 2014.

If she wins, her knockoff Alberta Ferretti technicolor dress from SS14 collection (which is not available in stores yet) will bring her additional $100,000 in prizes.

alberta ferretti rtwss2014

An identical knockoff dress to the one Stephanie Martin wore in the competition is listed for sale on AliExpress for $69 here: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2014-Spring-Runway-Fashion-Stripe-Print-Skirt-Suits-A-Pattern-Pocket-Skirt-Colorful-Vest-Top-1Set/115714_1440095500.html

Stephanie and her copycat dress managed to beat over 100 of other entries, many of whom spent thousands on their outfits. The judges included several top fashion designers, the editor in chief of a major fashion magazine, and a number of well known fashion personalities and executives, all of whom, no doubt, now feel a little embarrassed by picking a knockoff as the winner.

What can we say: OOPS!

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